Niños y Niñas de la Sierra, I.A.P.

Fifteen years ago, we legally constituted Niños y Niñas de la Sierra, I.A.P. by signing the charter on January 29, 2001 in Jalpan, Qro. The construction progress of the first room, made of adobe, was 80% and we had a strong desire to start classes in August 2001, which involved a lot of paperwork and activities to complete.

Looking back, it fills us with nostalgia, satisfaction and pride for what thousands of organized citizens have been able to build: a school and an institution that is slowly approaching its Mission: to provide excellent education for children and Young people with outstanding learning skills and low economic resources who live in the Sierra Gorda de Querétaro in order to complete professional or technical studies.

We seek to form entrepreneurial, creative people with good values ​​to be leaders in the development of their communities and raise the quality of life in the Sierra Gorda, avoiding emigration due to lack of opportunities for study or work.


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