"Manos a la Obra" Project

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"We need more classrooms to provide better educational services to children of scarce resources and outstanding skills in the Sierra Gorda de Querétaro"


What is the Manos a la Obra project about?

The "Manos a la Obra" Project aims to build more classrooms with the help of the community in order to improve primary, secondary and preparatory educational services, benefiting more than 300 students, for this we have created a campaign of Crowdfounding to help us finance the project.


Crowdfounding : "Manos a la Obra"


How was the idea of the Manos a la Obra project born?

The idea was born since 2009 during which a campaign was carried out to build classrooms for the secondary school of the Instituto de Excelencia Educativa. Thereafter, whenever more rooms are required, we make another construction campaign "Manos a la Obra" to complete the necessary resources. A classroom is now urgently needed for the use of high school students and another for high school students, as a high school group must take classes under a tree for the first two hours of the day. And high school students do not have a proper classroom to work with, because they use the high school lab to study.


This is how the new room will look!

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What has been done so far?

In 2009, a multi-functional science laboratory and two classrooms were built. In 2012 an Arts Hall was built.


How are we going to use the money?

In 2017, the "Hands On The Work" project aims to build two classrooms, which will be used by high school and high school students. The first stage of the project "Manos a la Obra" has a cost of $ 1,465,000 pesos, we already have $ 1,300,000. We need to get the remaining $ 165,000 pesos, which will be used to put the firm concrete floor, the floor tile with its base, the tiles of the bathrooms and the flattening of the walls of the two rooms.


In what will the money be invested if we exceed the proposed goal?
The surplus will go to stage two of construction for another pair of rooms on a second level.


About the Founder

Abel Montero initiated the Niños y Niñas de la Sierra, IAP with the mission to provide excellence education to children and young people with outstanding learning abilities, with few financial resources living in the Sierra Gorda de Querétaro. and founded the Instituto de Excelencia Educativa in Jalpan de Serra, 15 years ago.


About the Institute
Currently has Elementary School, Middle School, High School and academic extension for children in the community. It serves a total of more than 300 children. It has hot lunches, extracurricular classes in English, computer, dance, music, sports, success talks aimed at students and their parents, support in uniforms and school supplies. Academic scholarships are funded through the "Sponsor a Child Program".


How and when will the rewards be awarded?
Rewards will be delivered by email or post (If it is required) once the collective funding project has been successful at the completion of the collection goal. Some other rewards include your name for posterity in the library and others you will have to come and cut the ribbon on opening day.


What are the risks of the project?

The risk would be financial, in case of not achieving the goal of collective funding your contribution is returned, which would delay the completion of the first stage of "Manos a la Obra", preventing the use of salons to improve educational services Of Secondary and High School, directly affecting 45 students.

We invite you to support and share this campaign among all your friends, family and people you think may be interested in this cause.

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